About Jejak Juara Project:

Jejak Juara Project is an initiative that aims to discover and nurture young, future talents in the field of badminton sportsmanship through various comprehensive and organized training programs. The project's goal is to achieve international recognition for the nation by providing comprehensive and organized training programs to develop young talents in the field of badminton.

Recently, Asia Media Group (AMG) has become the main LED digital panel sponsor of the Jejak Juara project. We are responsible for installing LED digital panels at a total of 292 schools across Kuala Lumpur. This presents a golden opportunity for 16 potential brands to come aboard as sponsors, subject to KLBA's approval. Could your brand be one of them?

Attention Strategic Partners, We Want YOU!

Sponsorship Benefits for Strategic Partners:

  • Brand exposure and awareness via LED advertising display.
  • Brand promotional space provided at tournament venue.
  • Brand media coverage during the event.
  • Placement of brand's logo on event's T-shirts.
  • Placement of brand's logo as part of the backdrop.
  • 15-Second Slot for Brand Advertising on LED Digital Panel.
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